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Wayne State University Speech Language Pathology Students Make a Difference on a Large Scale


Wayne State University graduate students Katelyn Adams, Holly Flynn, and Torey McNally are advancing the field of speech-language pathology using unique evidence-based interventions that directly change the lives of children with speech sound disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).


These three superb graduate students are comprehensively treating children by addressing the underlying motor impairment that negatively impacts communication.


These children are preschoolers, a time when neuroplasticity is at a high level. The therapy incorporates meaningful, task-oriented activities that challenge children in both the mind and body to perform at their highest levels. This increases the effectiveness of therapy.


The therapy videos are on in a webinar series entitled "Incorporating Movement to Comprehensively Treat Preschoolers with ASD" by Kelly Vess.


Interventions are more comprehensively shared in Kelly's book "Evaluation and Treatment of Speech Sound Disorders: A Comprehensive Approach" through Thieme Publishers. It contains over 120 digital clips of evaluation and therapy and will be released in the spring of 2020.


This work is made possible by the collaboration between Wayne State University's Clinical Director Karen O'Leary and Grosse Pointe Public School System's Program Supervisor Susan Lucchese.


Today, this excellent intervention is being spread to the masses thanks to Continue.ed and Thieme Publishers.



Incoporating Movement Activities to Comprehensively Treat Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 


Join us for our live interactive workshop featuring digital clips to improve joint attention, motor, speech, language, and literacy skills using movement activities in therapy. These clips will be presented from "Speech Sound Disorders: Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment" with Thieme Publishers.


Emphasis will be for participants to engage in hands-on practice with clear, step-by-step guidance on how to efficiently treat the child by improving fundamental motor skills while targeting communication goals. 


This conference is open to professionals, paraprofessionals, and parents. Anyone who works with or cares for a child with ASD is strongly encouraged to attend. You can make a difference. 


We look forward to a "rocking" presentation at the Michigan Speech-Language Hearing Association Annual Conference 2020!


Presenters: Kelly Vess, MA, CCC-SLP &

Joseph Evens, MA, OTR/L


Update: MSHA has rescheduled the 2020 Annual Conference to July 30th-August 1st. I believe that we will be presenting our double seminar on Saturday, August 1st (time currently unknown). We will share the details as soon as they are confirmed.


Our promise is to make our session worth the wait! We are currently working to create the most amazing presentation possible to make a difference for children with ASD and speech sound disorders.


Our hope is that anyone and everyone who works with a child with ASD can attend (parents, caregivers, ABA Interventionists, classroom assistants). Every adult in a child's life can make a difference in an absolutely ridiculous manner. 


You will come away from this 2-hour long seminar session with many ideas on how to effectively incorporate movement activities for the diverse populations of preschoolers with ASD you treat from the distinct lenses of an OT and SLP. We truly can reach every child on our caseload through differentiating our movement activities. When the body checks in, the brain checks in. 

Rocking the Boat as We Fish for Task-Oriented Movement Activities for Best Practices in Therapy